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hunter killer

Hunter Killer is a TOP LEADING FAUCET made in Role Playing Game style..

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Hunter Killer

Complete & Missions

Hunter Killer

You Are Skilled Hunter

You are a Skilled Hunter. You can convert the bounty's you hunt into crypto wallet and enjoy.

  • icon Quotidian Kickoff Bonus.

  • icon Going in Energy-Hunt mode.

  • icon Power Hunt and Bounty Hunt.

  • icon Visiting Lucky hunt and surprise.

  • icon Traveling to offender land.

  • icon Check the hunting trip.

  • icon Complete Big Bounty bonus.

  • icon Collect to be a Hunter Reward.

  • icon Redeeming Daily Hunt.

  • icon Many other ways.

How to Play & Work

Sign up for free and enter the world of hunters. Complete quests, make journal entries and get reward from your hunts!

  • Collect Daily Hunt

    Get massive amounts of points with daily hunts

  • Find hunters

    Invite your friends to become hunters.

  • Hunting Earnings

    Hunting trip, offender land and many treasure hunt

Hunter Killer

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Hunter Killer

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